Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Never. Stop. Including.

A group of women putting their hands together in a huddle.

Be Yourself

As an organization, we strive to find joy in all that we do. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are core to our guiding purpose and foundational to the values we live by. Here, we promote a culture and environment that celebrates the sharing of ideas and opinions—a place where we can all learn from our unique experiences and backgrounds.

Many Languages, Many Voices

With over 6,000 people across 50 countries around the world, our team is as varied as our portfolio of brands. Inclusion is a choice. We believe seeking out diverse voices and challenging norms and stereotypes enables our people to feel valued and comfortable contributing to their fullest. Our suggestions and ideas are taken seriously and we are celebrated for our contributions.

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Two men and a woman having a conversation sitting down.
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There is joy in diversity. At Edgewell, we find that a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds contribute to broader thinking and innovation from every angle. All of our teammates are treated fairly and given equal opportunities to grow, advance, and succeed. As a People First organization, we use our daily interactions to build relationships that reinforce our similarities while honoring our differences.

Our People

Work Environment

We want all our teammates to enjoy coming to work. That’s why we’re committed to building a progressive environment where everyone feels respected, connected, valued and empowered to show up as their authentic self. We have zero tolerance for discrimination in any form and seek to create ways to Move Forward in a way that is governed by equity, fairness, and trust.

Our Culture

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Group meeting with a female presenter pointing to a board.

Awareness & Learning

At Edgewell, we encourage discussion on the importance of inclusivity to foster a holistic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. In doing so, we provide resources and tools that promote open and honest dialogue to help everyone listen up and speak up.


Our culture of inclusivity extends to our customers, business partners and the community around us. For us to be champions of change, we must Own It Together so that our business and brands can make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of others. The needs of those who love and rely on our products must always remain at the heart of innovation and communication.

Two males and a woman sitting down having a conversation. Female is holding a white mug.

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Teammate Resource Groups

Our teammate-led resource groups celebrate the diversity of our workforce, create more opportunities to honor what makes everyone different, and provide opportunities for our teammates to share and learn from the experiences of others. Along with an executive sponsor and a self-selected leader, we have a woman’s resource group, a multi-cultural resource group and a veterans resource group with sights set for expansion into other areas.