Never. Stop. Collaborating.

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Our Shared Vision

At Edgewell Personal Care, our suppliers are integral to our success. They make key contributions to our competitiveness, including product quality and day-to-day supply chain execution. Working together with this broad base of domestic and global partners helps us leverage vital sector expertise. They support our continuous improvement on product performance and help us drive toward market leadership.

Message From Our CEO

“Supplier relationships are at the core of our success, during both stable and challenging times. At Edgewell, we invest in strategic supplier relationships to drive supply continuity, cultivate innovation, enable sustainability, and generate value. We build relationships with suppliers that align with our core values and believe that sustained collaboration, quality, and transparency lead to an ongoing win-win environment.”

– Rod Little
President and CEO, Edgewell Personal Care

Rod Little, President and CEO, Edgewell Personal Care

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How We Operate

As an extension of our core business, we expect our suppliers to share the same values and ethical standards that we demand of ourselves. Edgewell strives to promote sustainable business practices across our entire value chain. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the social and environmental responsibilities we’ve established as a condition of partnering with us.