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Innovation. Quality. Sustainability.

With nearly a century and a half experience in innovation and decades of category leadership, our custom brands group is one of the most trusted, recognized, and awarded suppliers of store-brand razors in the world.

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Full-Range Collaboration

No matter the size or scope of the job, we partner with you every step of the way to deliver industry-standard quality, innovation, insights, and solutions.

Highest Industry Quality
Unique access to quality standards, product tests, and protocols of a global branded wet shave enterprise. 

Continuous Investment on Innovation
Support from full technical resources including Innovation Team, R&D, IP, and Legal Services.

Sales-Driven Insights
Category, Consumer, Shopper Insights, and Claims development tailored to your unique business needs.

Product Solutions for Every Type of Customer
Customizable products and packaging based on your specific business objectives.

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Trusted Global Leadership

With worldwide retail and ecommerce distribution, as well as manufacturing operations and research & development sites in over 20 countries spanning 6 regions, we are a major global player in the private label wet-shave category.

Industry-Leading Technology

With 150 years of experience, we’re at the forefront of category innovation and technology, supplying our partners with only the highest quality products.

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Using the finest Japanese and Swedish Steel, with a sophisticated blade grinding and coating manufacturing process, we are the only manufacturer in the world to offer Staked, Welded and Bent Blade assemblies.

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Our razor cartridges contain highly Innovative lubricant technology as well as carefully-selected ingredients to help our blades glide atop the skin.

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We offer full national brand equivalent handle design and manufacturing range with several highly innovative design options to choose from, including handles made of natural raw materials.

Committed to Our Future

We believe in balancing the joy of caring for yourself with the responsibility of caring for our planet and everyone who shares it. Part of our mission is searching for materials and technologies that will reduce the virgin petroleum–based plastic in our disposable razor handles and packaging by 50%. While we continue away from controversial ingredients in our formulations, our goal is to one day bring to market revolutionary plastic-free razors with almost no economic impact.

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