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We are Edgewell. A growing family of innovators, doers, and makers all united in the goal of working together to create outstanding personal care products and trusted brands for our consumers around the world. We take care to cultivate a diverse and nurturing culture where good ideas thrive and individuality is recognized. We invest in our People and find delight in the celebration of team and individual successes. We’re mindful about everything we create and serious about caring for our people, planet, and everyone who shares it.

At Edgewell, we make useful things joyful.

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People First

People are everything to us. Within our team and throughout our community, we make every encounter an opportunity to practice empathy, show authenticity, and deepen relationships. All of our accomplishments are the result of our people, so we find joy in celebrating each other whenever we can.

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Move Forward

We never stop moving and always think proactively—continually setting bold and aggressive goals both individually and as a team. We encourage intelligent risk-taking and accept the possibility of failure. In the pursuit of innovation, we celebrate our successes, learn from our mistakes and take pride in our resiliency.

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Listen Up and Speak Up

Good ideas need a place to thrive. At Edgewell, we depend on our teammates to be outspoken and adventurous in their thinking so that our business can thrive as well. We share honest, compassionate feedback and helpful insights in service of moving forward. Even when something is hard to hear, we aren’t afraid to listen to the people around us and remain open to change. We welcome new voices and actively seek out divergent opinions.

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Own It Together

We bring big ideas to life by balancing individual ownership with teamwork and collaboration. We find joy in working together at every level—always taking initiative without needing a nudge. We delegate and empower our teams to lead, and finish strong, so that innovative ideas can become our new reality.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are core to our guiding purpose and foundational to the values we live by. Our culture and environment celebrate the sharing of ideas and opinions—a place where we can all learn from our unique experiences and backgrounds.

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We are on a sustainability journey that focuses on being a positive force in the world—challenging ourselves to operate more efficiently in service of the environment and the communities we rely on.

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Our People

We are a people-first organization that infuses joy into all we do. At Edgewell Personal Care, we believe that everyone, from shareholder to consumer, benefits when we nurture passion, encourage curiosity, and inspire experimentation in our work.

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Our collaborative, challenger spirit that motivates every department in our organization. We believe in working together as one team towards a very specific goal—to be one of the most agile and innovative CPG businesses in the world.

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