Never. Stop. Challenging.

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Driven to Bring Joy

It’s our collaborative, challenger spirit that motivates us to make useful things joyful. At Edgewell, we believe in working together as one team towards a very specific goal—to be one of the most agile and innovative consumer packaged goods businesses in the world. We know that we can do this because we know our people. At every level of our organization, regardless of position, our teammates are never afraid to roll up their sleeves and dig in.
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Rod R. Little

President and Chief Executive Officer
Rod Little is President and Chief Executive Officer of Edgewell Personal Care. As CEO, Rod is leading Edgewell’s journey of transformation as it becomes a more agile and modern consumer products company. Rod has focused on strengthening the value-proposition...
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Daniel Sullivan

Chief Financial Officer and President, Europe and Latin America
Dan Sullivan is the Chief Financial Officer at Edgewell Personal Care. In this capacity, he is responsible for for all aspects of Finance, including Financial Planning & Analysis, Strategy and Business Development, Investor Relations, Accounting, Treasury, Tax…
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Paul Hibbert

Chief Supply Chain Officer
Paul Hibbert is the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Edgewell Personal Care. In this capacity, he motivates and leads our global Supply Chain and Operations teams, while collaborating with business partners, suppliers, customers, and third-parties to drive…
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John Hill

Chief Human Resources Officer
John Hill is Chief Human Resources Officer at Edgewell Personal Care. In this role, he leads the HR function through a strategic agenda that supports the company’s global employees by driving growth, building and developing capabilities, leading through change..
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LaTanya Langley

Chief Legal Officer
As Chief Legal Officer, LaTanya is responsible for leading Edgewell’s legal matters, including overseeing the company’s litigation and disputes, intellectual property, contracting, compliance program, and providing legal counsel relating to all regulatory, sales and marketing...
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Eric O'Toole

President North America
Eric O'Toole is the President of Edgewell Personal Care's North America business. Eric joined the Company in 2020 and brings nearly three decades of Traditional and Digital Marketing, Sales, and eCommerce experience to Edgewell and has extensive experience...
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Karen Anderson

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Karen Anderson is Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at Edgewell Personal Care where she is responsible for developing, executing and sustaining the DEI program and objectives which drive meaningful change. She works closely with Executive Leadership...
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Ricardo de Oliveira

Senior Vice President of Research & Development
Ricardo is Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Edgewell Personal Care where he is responsible for the development and implementation of new products to market, as well as exploring new concepts and technologies, and providing technical support to Edgewell's plants...
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Amy Knight

Vice President, Global Sustainability
As Vice President of Global Sustainability, Amy is responsible for leading and developing Edgewell’s Sustainable Care 2030 strategy and ESG reporting, including performance management and stakeholder engagement associated with the company’s sustainability...
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Camilla Medeiros

Vice President, Global Innovation and Insights
As Vice President of Global Innovation and Insights, Camilla is responsible for overseeing the Innovation efforts and Insights capability for Edgewell’s portfolio of consumer brands. As a purpose-driven business leader, she brings more than two decades...
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Lauren Medina

Vice President, Communications
Lauren Medina is the Vice President of Communications at Edgewell Personal Care and has been leading the company’s Corporate Communications function since its inception in 2015. Lauren oversees Edgewell’s full scope of global internal and external communications activities to drive strategy...

Board of Directors

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John C. Hunter

Robert W. Black

George R. Corbin

Carla Hendra

James C. Johnson

Joseph O’Leary

Rakesh Sachdev

Swan Sit

Gary K. Waring