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Never. Stop. Innovating.

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Our company was formed in 2015, but our brands have a long history of making products that bring joy to people who rely on them every day. Inspired by our focus on wellness, we built a portfolio of products that truly brings together the collective expertise of our teammates. Their ongoing commitment is what keeps us on the leading edge of personal care.

This heritage of reimagining personal care began more than 250 years ago, when a company famous for making swords for battle expanded to making razors for shaving. Wilkinson Sword was the first to develop what they called a “roller safety razor.” Years later, in 1910, Colonel Jacob Schick continued in this pioneering spirit by conceiving the electric shaver.

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Schick and Wilkinson Sword merged in 1992 to create a global leader in shaving, and then merged with Playtex and their family of brands, including Banana Boat and Wet Ones in 2007. This created a family of powerful, household-name brands with a legacy of innovation and a mission of category reinvention.

Since we became known as Edgewell in 2015, we've continued to evolve and build our portfolio through strategic acquisitions. With our purpose-led approach to constant improvement, we're more agile and responsive than ever as we strive to make useful things joyful. And our history is still being written...

Edgewell Corporate Office Building in Shelton, CT

Our Newest Brands

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