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Understanding the importance of Company Values in the Interview Process

Edgewell is global, and as a leader in Talent Acquisition across the Americas my job is to seek out talented people that can potentially fit in with our incredible teams. For us, it’s so important to build our teams with diverse talent and varied backgrounds - this mix helps make our teams and products the best they can be. It really fills me with joy to meet these incredible people and see them flourish in their roles at Edgewell. I thought I would share some of what I’ve learned about matching experience and personality to a company’s values to help you prepare for an interview and decide your next step.

At Edgewell the way we work is defined by our values. Understanding these values is a huge part of the recruitment process because it allows you to put your best foot forward in the interviews and assessments. They are an obvious clue as to what organizations look for and should be a key focus of your preparation. And of course, we would encourage candidates to outline their own values when preparing for an interview. What is important to you? Are you seeking a structured environment, or flexibility for example? We ‘value’ our values and believe you should value yours too.

Here are a few of my tips on how you might prepare for an interview with us:

Put People First

I’m sure it’s no surprise that, at Edgewell, people are our priority. From our teams to the communities we reach, by putting people first you can help bring out the best. Approachable and personable characteristics are really important but a shared understanding that it is people that drive our business and will drive our future success is something we look for when recruiting. We want to create the best environment for all to thrive in and every hire we make can have an impact on that. Why not prepare some examples where people were at the forefront of a decision you made?

Own It, Together

Throughout Edgewell, we find joy in collaborating because we know teamwork leads to great things, but we always remain personally accountable ourselves. Teams at Edgewell are made up of all types of personalities and, to me, that’s what makes us work so efficiently. Your difference is what makes you unique and desirable as a new hire, embrace it and don’t be afraid to show us a little of your personality during the interview stages. It is beneficial to have polished answers but find a way to tell us about you, the real you.

Move Forward

At Edgewell, we learn from our mistakes and continue to pursue innovative ideas with a passion and joy which is unique to our business. Don’t be afraid to take small risks and move forward quickly. We understand that failure is sometimes inevitable, and that’s ok. Recognize your past successes and failures and take pride in your resilience. My top tip is to have examples where you’ve learned from and had to adapt to a given situation. Be prepared to be asked questions around this too and think of your answers in terms of the STAR model; What’s the SITUATION, What TASK did you complete, Describe the specific ACTIONs you took, Close with the RESULT of your actions.

Listen Up, Speak Up

At Edgewell we prioritize sharing honest, compassionate feedback and helpful insights, so our teams find joy in moving forward together. As you explore roles and advice, welcome new voices and actively seek out different opinions. During your job search, keep an open mind and ask for honest feedback where you can, that little bit of advice could help you land your ideal role. So, these are a few of the values we live by at Edgewell and I hoped they helped shed a light on whether you might be a right fit for us or gave you a helping hand with your job search. My last piece of advice is to remember all that YOU can bring to a role. Your outlook, life experience and personality can always add to any organization. Own it, embrace it, and I wish you the best of luck on your search. If Edgewell sounds like a place you’d love to work—join us! We spend our days making useful things joyful and finding new and innovative ways to bring sustainability and best practices to the products you know and love. Check out our careers site to learn more and to see our current vacancies: View Careers page

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