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Meeting the Consumer Where They Are: Schick Hydro Silk Launches on TikTok Shop

Purchasing your favorite products digitally is easier than ever and now it’s even accessible via social media with in-app purchasing. Viewers from across the globe can scroll through their feed, watch a video and tap a link to bring them directly to a purchasing page, without ever leaving the platform. Popular social media app, TikTok, is one such platform. Everything from makeup tutorial videos to influencer driven product reviews can be found on the platform and because of this, the TikTok Shop feature is an excellent way for businesses to reach an engaged audience, and for users to easily find and shop for products that bring them joy.

a screen capture of EPC's Tiktok Shop product listings


After our Hydro Silk Wax roller went viral in 2023, hitting over 40 million views on the platform, we knew there was more potential to unlock an opportunity and connect with consumers through our established social channels. The team put this idea into action and we worked to create a TikTok Shop for Hydro Silk through strategic planning and analyzing consumer trends.

With the consumer always at the center of our strategy, it was important to us to offer them a seamless shopping experience. The Hydro Silk shop on TikTok features a variety of our most popular products including the Wax Roller, Wax Wand, Waxing Strips, Hair Removal Cream, Touch-Ups, Dermaplaning Wand, Sensitive Care Razor, Rose Gold Razor and TrimStyle. This mix of products ensures that our customers have access to the latest and greatest that Hydro Silk has to offer.

This launch was a true team effort. Monica Cushner, Head of Social & Partnership, noted how timing was of the essence to have the Hydro Silk brand take a significant step in the social commerce space, making it one of the first in Consumer Product Goods and Shave specifically, as a first mover advantage. She noted that this innovation will drive consumer awareness and help Schick Hydro Silk reach a wider audience. Melissa Murphy, Director of Brand Strategy for Hydro Silk & Skintimate, was another team member who contributed and collaborated with the team to bring this idea to life. Melissa knew that by creating an integrated shopping experience with TikTok, we could meet our consumers, in-platform, on one of the most popular social media apps and offer them the convenience and accessibility they are looking for.

Tiktok shop journey example for Edgewell products


This new initiative is extremely exciting for us and provides a whole new avenue for consumers to discover our products while gauging what resonates with them the most. We can see that through engagement and conversion rates and direct attribution via sales – part of the reason why this launch is so valuable. By harnessing TikTok's vast and diverse user base, we aim to get closer to the consumer, encourage product trials and increase market visibility. Creating the shop was a challenge but an exciting concept. It took meaningful collaboration amongst many cross-functional partners to make it happen and I’m so excited to see where this will take the brand and what we can learn to help guide even more EPC brands to join us on TikTok Shop.