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Leading our People Functions and our Legal Team Toward Success

Since joining Edgewell, I’ve focused on a leadership style that encourages integrity and authenticity while creating trust and credibility. I’ve learned that focusing on these things fosters an environment where we’re able to care for one another while also staying sharp, constantly innovating and making meaningful progress. As I settle into the position of Chief People and Legal Officer, I know there is a lot to learn and listen to. However, I do know one thing for sure - that leading with empathy and purpose is integral to creating a joyful and successful team and I am so excited to start on that journey in my new capacity.

During my time as the Chief Legal Officer, I had the privilege of diving deep into the legal intricacies of our business. I've navigated regulatory landscapes and ensured the legal compliance and security of our operations. The experience I gained has equipped me with invaluable skills but most importantly, a profound understanding of our company's operations. Through it all, what stood out to me most is that we’re a People First organization at the end of the day. I’ve seen this sentiment guide our company’s actions, time and time again and the HR and DEI functions are at the core of this. I’m honored to be joining this incredible group of people doing such impressive and important work.

While they may not seem to have much to do with one another on the surface, the truth is that the legal operation of this company, has worked in tandem with our people operations in many ways, so I have had close exposure to HR in all my prior roles. While these functions will remain separate, as the leader of both my goal is to use our position at the table to not only provide counseling partnership to our people strategy, but to empower teammates to push the envelope and lean into new ways of working and executing. We can do this by focusing on maximizing engagement and fostering a great employment experience. It's our job in HR, to create the type of environment that inspires joy amongst our people leaders. To achieve this, I’m laser focused on listening to and learning from my new HR teammates, while also being open to new ideas and challenging current ways of thinking.

An important piece to driving Edgewell’s growth strategy through our people function, is winning with talent and enhancing the teammate experience. We have made steps toward this over the past year, and I’m energized by the plans we have in FY24 and beyond to move this forward through leadership development, DEI programs, a new onboarding program, and more. We’re committed to making sure our teammates have positive experiences here at Edgewell, and it’s a great honor to be joining the team that is responsible for driving those strategic initiatives forward.

Being given the chance to uplift and empower so many of our teammates is something I do not take lightly. I recognize this as an opportunity to leverage the guidance I’ve employed so far at Edgewell, and lead by the principles that are at the core of our organization – prioritizing our People First value. By encouraging integrity, authenticity and nurturing trust and credibility, I know we will continue to be disruptors in our space and forge new paths forward. I’m so honored to be leading the People and Legal departments and am looking forward to embarking on a path of growth and success with these impressive teams.