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Elevating and Celebrating Diverse Artists Through Meaningful Brand Partnerships

Edgewell being a people-first organization means a lot of things. For one, it means that our brands provide consumers with products that are more inspired and more personal to them. It also means that we are dedicated to listening and supporting our community. With this in mind, our brand, Schick Intuition set out to work with an artist to uplift their voice and celebrate their culture. As a result, the brand recently launched a collaboration with esteemed Afro-Latina Visual Artist and Author, Reyna Noriega, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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The collaboration unveiled a Sensitive Care® limited-edition razor available exclusively at Target stores and Target.com. Beautifully designed to embody the richness and diversity of the Latino community the razor fuses first-class functionality with thoughtful art and design. It showcases Reyna's artistic vision and her signature aesthetic, creating a stunning homage to the soulfulness and diversity of Latino heritage.

Often times, holidays like Hispanic Heritage Month can be recognized at organizations, but rarely is it actually incorporated in the work. The activation shows the Schick team’s dedication to living out our People First value and activating around this celebration of Latino culture. By offering up their platform to Reyna Noriega to design a razor, the team aimed to not only launch a product that celebrated the Latino culture, but to also find a way to shed light onto the importance of representation in our industry.

Artist and Author, Reyna Noriega with the newly designed Sensitive Care® limited-edition razor

Artist and Author, Reyna Noriega with the newly designed Sensitive Care® limited-edition razor

This activation was a true team effort. Our Head of Social Media & Partnership Marketing at Schick, Monica Cushner and her team of social media experts, brand managers and associates worked in tandem with our Senior Director of Sales, Linda Lieberman and her team to bring this idea into reality. It truly showcased our values as a team and reinforced our thinking when it comes to DE&I. There is joy in diversity, and we are dedicated to using our daily interactions and when possible, our platforms, to build relationships and create products that reinforce our similarities while honoring our differences. I am so proud to have played a part in this awesome product launch celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, and I can’t wait to see what the Schick team has in store for the future.

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