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Edgewell’s Teammate Resource Groups Observe, Honor and Activate Around Key Moments

At Edgewell, maintaining a culture that supports the unique needs of our diverse global workforce and ensuring each teammate feels valued, welcomed and included is more than a corporate initiative; it's a commitment embedded within the company's culture. Central to this is our People First value and it’s brought to life through our Teammate Resource Groups or TRGs. These are crucial pillars for supporting underrepresented communities within the organization. TRG’s provide a platform for employees to connect, share experiences and advocate for meaningful change. By facilitating dialogue and promoting understanding, Edgewell's TRGs contribute to a workplace where every individual feels valued and respected.

June is a busy month with national PTSD Awareness Day on June 27th, PRIDE celebrations taking place globally and Juneteenth in the U.S. We are looking forward to highlighting these moments through our Veterans TRG, PRIDE TRG (supporting our teammates) and our Vested in Black Excellence (V.I.B.E.) @ Edgewell TRG (supporting our teammates of African descent). 

At Edgewell, the celebration of Pride month transcends geographical boundaries, echoing the vibrant and diverse ways the LGBTQIA+ community commemorates this occasion worldwide. From bustling parades in metropolitan cities to intimate gatherings in rural communities, Pride events serve as powerful affirmations of identity, love, and resilience. In cities like New York, Toronto, London, Bogota, Berlin and Tokyo, Pride parades are iconic gatherings where rainbow flags wave high and people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations come together to march in solidarity. These events are not only joyful celebrations but also platforms for advocacy, where LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies raise awareness about pressing issues in the community and foster ways to further enrich the tapestry of LGBTQIA+ experiences. At Edgewell, the company encourages participation in local Pride celebrations which underscores its unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace where LGBTQIA+ employees are celebrated and supported year-round. Internally, our PRIDE TRG will be hosting many activities for teammates throughout the month with trivia competitions, micro-lessons and a panel discussion with one of Edgewell’s Board members and her son who hope to connect with our teammates in the community and share their own experiences.

Juneteenth is a more recent holiday being celebrated at Edgewell. Having only become a national U.S. holiday in June 2021, Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of the last enslaved African Americans in the United States two years after the proclamation, freeing all slaves, was issued. Through various local events and initiatives, Edgewell Teammates honor the resilience and contributions of Black communities while acknowledging the ongoing work needed to achieve racial equity. Juneteenth serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of acknowledging history and actively working towards a more just and equitable future. Our V.I.B.E @ Edgewell TRG is promoting awareness and education about Juneteenth through internal activities & local celebrations. Edgewell leadership is also recognizing and honoring the holiday by participating in and speaking at events near our corporate headquarters in Shelton, CT.

Later in the month, on June 27th Edgewell will recognize national PTSD Awareness Day. While this condition can affect all individuals, PTSD can be more common amongst Veterans. Edgewell is a place where we look to support our teammates in any way we can. In fact, our culture is based on the belief that we all benefit when there’s a dynamic working environment that accounts for the needs of all our teammates and provides space for everyone to have a voice. With that in mind, our Veterans TRG is activating around PTSD Awareness Day to host an open discussion for teammates to share experiences, raise awareness and learn more about the condition.

To be an ally at Edgewell means actively supporting and advocating for marginalized groups within the organization. This involves listening without judgement, leading with empathy, educating oneself on issues of diversity and inclusion and using one's privilege to amplify the voices of those who are often overlooked. Edgewell realizes this and because of that, we’ve worked to deploy TRG’s as one way of enabling teammates to take tangible actions like learning from one another in group discussions, participating in training programs, challenging discriminatory behavior and advocating for inclusive policies and practices. By standing in solidarity with underrepresented teammates and offering them safe spaces and meaningful resources, TRGs plays a crucial role in supporting a workplace culture where everyone can thrive.

With our core values always top of mind, we support and encourage our TRGs and their leaders as they work tirelessly to create a great place to work. We’re so excited for our teammates to experience and participate in these events and look forward to continuing the momentum in the months ahead.