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Edgewell Personal Care's Deep Commitment to the Planet and Our People

This week, top business and government leaders have been convening virtually for the World Economic Forum’s #Davos Agenda. With 2020 behind us, it is gratifying to see that sustainability and conservation are central to WEF’s agenda and critical to the organization’s approach to drive our global recovery from the pandemic.

A deep commitment to the planet and our people is nothing new to Edgewell. Last year, I had the privilege of rolling out Edgewell’s Sustainable Care 2030 strategy, which enables us to sustain and grow our business and operate responsibly today and into the future. Edgewell also unveiled a new corporate strategy in November 2020, with sustainability as a core driver of corporate success.

While I am energized by our ambitious targets and commitments – such as the use of 100% renewable electricity; reducing use of virgin petroleum-based plastic content; aiming for 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable plastic packaging; enhancing our focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion; and more – I am equally excited about how we are going to achieve these goals.

Central to our path to success is our deep commitment to leading with purpose. At Edgewell, we make useful things joyful in everything we do – for our people, our consumers, our retailers, and our suppliers. What does this mean for our sustainability vision? It means that we focus our efforts on nurturing a world where the joy of caring for yourself is balanced with caring for our shared planet and society. Purpose fuels strategy, and we have a unique ability to operate with agility and lead through purposeful decisions, improvements, actions and results.

To quote some recent words from our CEO, Rod Little, during a sustainability discussion, “Our sustainability strategy through 2030 is a key part of our journey. As a company who creates a wide range of products that global consumers use in their daily lives, it’s important now, more than ever, that we look inward to ensure that we are leading with purpose and living by our values. Whether we’re in discussions with a retailer, a consumer, investors, or a potential new employee – many are looking to support or work with brands and companies whose values match their own. I believe that we can operate in environmentally- and people-friendly ways and also have it be compatible with good business results. Doing the right thing is always a good business decision.”

I encourage you to learn more about Edgewell’s approach and sustainability commitments in our fiscal 2019 Sustainability Report. And I am especially excited to keep you all updated on our progress in the coming months when we will release our fiscal 2020 Report. Stay tuned!

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