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Jack Black
Do you know Jack? No one does skincare for men quite like us. As we’ve evolved over the last 20 years, we’ve maintained a unique vision to provide innovative skin and body care for men. We’re dedicated to helping our...
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To women who have progressive spirits, we provide smarter sanitary protection that gives them unparalleled freedom to pursue their lives with passion. We’re the only feminine hygiene brand that has a unique woman gynecologist heritage and the superior knowledge to...
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We have a long history of being an innovator in the sanitary protection category. Since launching the first beltless pad in 1974, we’ve continued to pioneer products that offer more effective performance while delivering on comfort. We offer a range...
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In 1976, we launched the first ever pantiliner, helping women embrace a more active life as they began to venture outside the home. With its innovative selection of sizes and absorbencies, as well as options for at-home usage or on-the-go,...
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Ever since we introduced the first plastic applicator tampon in 1973, we’ve continued to produce quality feminine care protection that meet women’s individual needs. Today, the Playtex brand stands for 360° Protection designed for every woman. Our three unique offerings...
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