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About Edgewell

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Introduction Brands with History

A history of reimagining personal care

Edgewell Personal Care, formerly the Personal Care division of Energizer Holdings, Inc., was born in 2015, but our brands have a long history of making products that people love. Inspired by our focus on wellness, we have built a portfolio of products that synthesizes our deep expertise.

 A piece of our history dates all the way back to 1772 when Henry Nock opened the gun shop that eventually would become Wilkinson Sword. In the United States, Colonel Jacob Schick started the iconic shaving brand, Schick, in 1921. In 1993, these brands joined forces to create Schick Wilkinson Sword. In 2003, Schick Wilkinson Sword was acquired by Energizer Holdings—an integration that firmly established shaving as a core piece of the Energizer business.

Shaving isn’t the only part of our personal care portfolio that has a rich history. Abram Spanel founded the company that would become Playtex in 1932. Many decades later, Playtex made its first major acquisition, adding the sun care brand, Banana Boat, to its portfolio in 1995. Playtex then bolstered their sun care business by adding Hawaiian Tropic in 2007. Later in 2007, Playtex was acquired by Energizer Holdings—which solidified Energizer Holdings’ position as both a battery and personal care company.

Over the next decade, Energizer Holdings made a series of key acquisitions, including Skintimate and Edge in 2009, American Safety Razor in 2011, and Carefree, Stayfree, and o.b. (in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean) in 2013.

In 2015, Energizer Holdings, Inc. became Edgewell Personal Care, spinning off the battery business into a company of its own. Today, with our renewed focus, we’re more agile and responsive. We’re Edgewell, on the leading edge of personal care.

Watch our video to see what we’re all about

About Edgewell

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Introduction Brands with History

Jacob Schick's patent for a safety razor, filed July 18, 1921.

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The seeds of our company were planted in 1772, when Henry Nock opened his first London Gun workshop. A century later, that small storefront business introduced the razor that would redefine shaving. Edgewell’s heritage is filled with milestones like this, so discover the people and events behind our rich heritage of personal care.

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Jacob Schick invents the Magazine Repeating Razor

Jacob Schick develops the first dry electric shaver

Schick introduces the modern shaving edge (the Krona) by combining stainless steel blades with chromium hard coating

Schick creates the world’s first all-in-one shaving system, Intuition

Schick debuts the Quattro Titanium Trimmer, the first wet shave system with a powered trimmer





Henry Nock is appointed as official gun maker to King George III

Nock’s grandson, Henry Wilkinson, expands business into sword making, establishing “The Wilkinson Sword Co., LTD”

Wilkinson Sword introduces the Pall Mall Safety Razor, dramatically improving on the straight, or cutthroat, razor

Wilkinson Sword invents the world’s first user-replaceable razor “cartridge,” the predecessor to all modern cartridge-based systems





Robert Bell, at 13, formulates first lotion using baby oil, oranges, and bananas

Banana Boat launches first SPF 50 in the sun care category

Playtex completes acquisition of Banana Boat and its family of over 50 tanning and sun-protection products throughout North America

Banana Boat launches the industry’s first tear-free, sting-free lotion for children






Ron Rice, a high school science teacher, formulates and bottles the first batch of Hawaiian Tropic in his home garage

Hawaiian Tropic introduces DSD (direct store delivery) services, still in use today

Hawaiian Tropic creates the industry’s highest available SPF—Ozone SPF 70

Hawaiian Tropic develops patented SunSure Technology, providing long-lasting and UVA-blocking photostable protection

Hawaiian Tropic launches new indulgent formulas and premium packaging





The International Laytex Company is founded, producing products like bathing suits and swimwear. It will later become known as International Playtex Inc.

Playtex revolutionizes an industry by creating the first plastic tampon applicator

Playtex Sport launches as the first brand to offer Sport Level Protection, and the only sub-brand with a unique tapered applicator

Playtex Sport launches Sports Pads, Liners and Combo Packs