Guided by values

We’re more than employees—we’re colleagues.

At Edgewell Personal Care, we believe that everyone, from shareholder to consumer, benefits when we nurture passion, encourage curiosity, and inspire experimentation in our work. That’s why we not only encourage our colleagues to take on new projects, roles, and responsibilities but also promote professional growth through training and development.

This principle of partnership guides every decision we make, every interaction we have, and every product we create. We strive to attract, motivate, and retain the best talent and maintain a best-in-class work culture—a nimble organization guided by values that fosters innovation.

And we’re passionate about making that commitment real, whether through our inspiring workspaces or in our competitive benefits.

Our values keep us honest. They govern our collaborations with our colleagues, our partnerships with our customers, and our connection to our consumers. As we blaze new trails, these values are the beacon that keep us on course.

To be the best.

Do the right thing.

Value differences.

One team.

Lead by example.

But these aren’t just words on a page, we live them. They define our expectations—of our products, our company, and ourselves.

Edgewell believes in creating a dynamic and flexible working environment that accounts for the needs of all of our colleagues. This means promoting collaboration and transparency across function, team, and level—an atmosphere where everyone has a voice, disagreements lead to solutions, and, by day’s end, we move forward as one company.

Moving with You

Because every Edgewell colleague takes initiative and raises the bar, our goal is to strike a healthy balance between life and work. This is about more than just offering a flexible schedule or casual dress code. We’re committed to providing our team the best tools, technology, and resources while always looking for ways to be more responsive to individual needs and situations.

Diversity isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a guiding philosophy that powers our mission, keeps our consumers in our hearts, and drives us to win.

Many Languages, Many Voices

With over 8,000 people across 50 countries around the world, the Edgewell team is as varied as our portfolio of brands. We believe this practical diversity brings out the best ideas for both our business and consumer. Every colleague has a seat at the table, every voice a platform, and every opinion an outlet—because groundbreaking ideas can rise from anyone, anywhere.

Diversity of Ideas

Reimagining personal care has taught us that the only bad idea is the one unshared. As such, we rely on collaboration and create cross-organization initiatives that pull from different backgrounds, offices, functions, and levels. We believe this exchange gives our people a deeper understanding and appreciation of not only the marketplace and global community, but also of one another.